The Year Yesterday, The Year Today, The Year Tomorrow

The Year Yesterday

I would like to start this blog with the year yesterday: January 1, 2020. As this year started like so many others to me and most of North Americans plus possibly the world thought it was just going to be another year. Yes! I had heard about a virus that was taking place in one of the cities in China. Nevertheless! I did not think too much concern about it since I was in Vietnam when they had the chicken flu. As this year progressed so did the virus. By March we were in a full shutdown in Canada and many other parts of the world. The virus had taken charge and was spreading fast. By closing many operations and limiting the movement of people throughout the world we had some success. In many cases, parts of Canada were leading the charge against this unwanted coronavirus 19. Doctors and medical science were saying there was going to be a second wave in the fall. True to their word the second wave was taking place in late September and October as the colder weather was approaching. The virus was worse than in March.

The Year Today

January 1, 2021. A new year and new challenges with the same old problem the virus. By now many of the restaurants, recreational centres and travel operations were awfully close to being closed permanently or close for in describe time frame. There is hope that one or more of the medical pharmacies’ companies will find a vaccine that may control this virus. The rollout time for this miracle drug depends on the country and the pharmaceutical company in that country. For example, United States, British, and German companies believe they have a vaccine to conquer this virus. There are many more companies in the pipeline that are trying to find a cure. Today in the world we are over 7.8 billion people. Obviously, it is going to take considerable time to get this vaccine out to the people that need it so desperately. The first is going to be the front-line workers, doctors and nurses, hospital attendance and the list goes on. After that, the most vulnerable like nursing homes people with chronic conditions and bad health in general. Then the public. Because Canada is not one of the countries that produced a vaccine we must wait until our orders are filled. This might be as late as March 2021 to the end of the year.

The Year Tomorrow

January 1, 2022. As we enter this new year there is probably a general flow of vaccines available for the developed countries. Canada will be in this group. As for the other countries such as developing countries, or poor countries. These countries will have to wait until the vaccine fills the needs of developing countries. If we think things are going to go back to normal during this time, we still believe in the tooth fairy. The long road back to where we were in 2019 is a long way off. Limited travel will be restored, cruise ships may find ports that they can enter. Restaurants, recreational activities, gyms, and other social gatherings will start to resume in the developed countries. However, if we think things will get back to normal, we will be sadly mistaken. I would like to mention at this time that the Spanish flu lasted throughout the world for 11 years. This virus is not going to give up easily and will be with us for a long, long time. We must start to realize the world has changed and our world has changed with it. The freedom that we enjoyed in the 1990s is best known as memories.

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