Light Travels of the Past

We are well into 2021 and it seems like a distant path that all of us were living just in 2019. For me, I can only be grateful for the experience of travelling I’ve had in my lifetime. Without sounding like I’m bragging, I’ve had the privilege of stepping foot on being on every continent this planet has. I’ve met friends throughout the world that has made these journeys so worthwhile.

I’ve met so many interesting people throughout the world. This photo is from one of my journeys to Russia.

Sharing Moments

I would like to share just some of these moments that have come to mind recently as I reflect on past adventures. One of my sponsored children with World Vision has just had her birthday. I had the privilege of making a visit to Uganda with World Vision vision. It was on this trip that I sponsored my little daughter. She was as feisty as anyone could be, especially when games were played with the other child. Due to a lack of nourishment, she could not match the size of the other children, but that never stopped her from giving it her all and having a wonderful time.

I have seen the planet’s most vulnerable, but also most inspiring, children during my travels with World Vision.

I’ve recently received updates and pictured of my sponsored girl. It is incredible to see how much she has grown since then. I’ve been to many other countries with World Vision and the difference being made for these children has been a life-changing experience. The $39 a month that has changed her life so significantly would be wasted trying to find parking in Vancouver.

The Yearn to Travel

I truly hope that each of you reading this gets to experience travel and the world in the same capacity that I have. The more you meet your fellow man, the more you learn and change your perspective on what is important and what brings you happiness. From my journeys, I’ve realized we are all after the same thing. To love each other and take the steps of having true happiness in this world.

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