Day and Night

Today the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. The trees are showing as evidence that fall is in full swing, and winter will be following shortly. It is the time of year that we will be spending more time indoors. Whether it is our homes, our place of work or places we would like to spend time being entertained. This is going to be another year that isolation and protection against the Covid 19 virus must be in full swing.

It is our obligation to the people who are saving our lives and our loved ones through the medical institutions whether they be doctors, nurses or even volunteers in the medical profession. These people have been fighting the pandemic for close to two years. They have seen under their watch tragedies and loss of life that only this pandemic could have produced. They are exhausted, they are at their wit’s end as the pandemic continually surges with different variances like the Delta variant. Until we become answerable to these courageous heroes of the medical profession and roll up our sleeves and get the jab, we are part of the problem rather than the solution.

If we are to help control this deadly disease, we must all take our part responsibly to not only save our own lives but the lives of our loved ones and our friends. One of the most vulnerable areas that has yet to be addressed is the children that have not been vaccinated. Thanks to Pfizer we have a vaccine that can be administered to children. It is especially important that the parents of children take the responsibility to protect the lives of the children by getting them vaccinated.

Even though we are vaccinated and need a booster shot soon, we must and should still comply with the following: one, we must wear masks whenever possible outside our personal domicile. We must keep our distance when out in public. We must practice washing our hands and hygienic practices with disinfectants wherever possible. Just because we have been vaccinated does not mean that we cannot and do not have a risk of catching another variance of this deadly Covid 19. There is a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel if we do what we must do to protect ourselves and each other. The sooner that we pull together as one country followed by others, we have a chance of controlling this pandemic.

We’ve just passed Thanksgiving and small gatherings are still the required order. We must continue to stay within our bubble and avoid large gatherings at all costs. If we can get through Thanksgiving without a surge of more cases of infection, we have a chance of celebrating Christmas in a more normal fashion.



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